Transparency creates


We initiated the "Good confidence" project and have achieved
transparent production. The development of our products starts
not in our production facility, but in the country of origin of the
fruit or nut. That's why we want to show as precisely as possible
where the product comes from, how it has been processed, and
how it has made its way into the final packaging.

Fruit confidence
Nut confidence

Along with confidence, monitoring is also important to us. The links between the many parts of the supply chain, starting with the farmer and ending with the shop, create uniform and supervised quality standards that we seek to make visible using what we call “transparent production”.

To do this, we defined year-round standards with our contract suppliers. With the help of a QR-code on the packaging, customers are led directly to the online product website. There, you can track the product's journey to its final destination.

Transparent production includes:

  • Transparency of origin
  • Transparency of processing
  • Transparency of refinement and use

In short, „Gut vertrauen“ means to us:

  • Confidence in the Farmer’s Snack brand
  • Confidence in those who support the product each day
  • Confidence in our work
  • Confidence in our partners and suppliers
  • Confidence in fairness