acid-based BALANCE

Feel good with a

acid-based BALANCE

It is not always easy to find the right balance in life.
A regulated acid-base balance
 can help.

Watch your diet!

What should you bear in mind?

Food can be acidic or alkaline, and thus has a pH-value. The table shows examples of the effects that food products can have on your pH balance. Acidic food products are marked with a minus sign (-) while alkaline food products are marked with a plus sign (+).

Did you know that dried fruits have a high base content?

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What does acid-base balance mean exactly?

The body produces acidity in constant metabolic processes. Additional factors like lack of exercise, stress, refined sugars and certain luxury foods like coffee and alcohol encourage the formation of acid. This acidity must be neutralized by basic minerals that the body cannot produce itself. Fresh vegetables, fruit — fresh or dried — and salad are some of the best alkaline-forming food products.

What happens if acid cannot be neutralized?

It encourages illness and is deposited in the connective tissue, muscles and joints. Diseases of affluence like asthma, gout and rheumatism can result from it.

Effect on too acidic conditions alcaline conditions
blood pressure increases drops
respiration accelerates slows down
blood sugar increases drops
metabolism is stimulated slows down
inflammations increased susceptibility reduced susceptibility
sleep tendency to have trouble sleeping normal sleep requirement
performance tired, worn out tension, more stamina
mood glum, bad mood, depressed good mood, happiness

What is the correlation between acidity, alkalinity and the pH value?

The pH-value is measured on a scale of 0-14. 0 stands for extreme acidity, 7 stands for neutral and 14 for extreme alkalinity. The pH-value of our blood is slightly more than 7 and should deviate only slightly from that. Otherwise, disruption of the entire metabolism can result.

Meat, Sausage products
Pork sausage -1,1
Pork chop -6,2
Fillet of beef -10,1
Turkey -15,0
Duck -17,1
Sardines in oil -9,1
Crabs/Shrimps -11,1
Smoked eel -15,9
Smoked salmon -15,9
Halibut/Red perch -18,2
Rusk +0,5
Bread rolls -5,0
Wholemeal wheat bread -5,9
Crisp bread -7,1
Rye bread -7,2
Pasta products
Oil -2,8
Pasta -11,5
Whole grain pasta -12,3
Rice -12,5
Chicken egg -15,2
Peach/Strawberry +3,7
Mango +5,4
Banana +8
Raisins +15,6
Figs +33,4
Beans/Broccoli +1,2
Sweet Pepper +1,9
Lettuce +4,4
Spinach +14,1
Sauerkraut -8,9
Dairy products
Yogurt +1,8
Whole milk +2,9
Full fat cheese +9,6
Gouda cheese +13,6
Camembert cheese -7,4
Red/White wine +1,9
Vegetable juice +3,2
Orange juice +5,3
Coke -0,7
Beer -1,5